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About Robotics

There are three components to our innovative technique for teaching robotics:

  1. The first is the building of various models using Lego parts, principally by following instructions.  This is the easiest part of the program to explain, and one that is easy for virtually every student.
  2. The second is the programming and testing of various robot models.  This is somewhat harder and is new material to most children.  At the end of the camp, each student should be able to independently program a robot to do simple tasks (like moving along a fixed path).
  3. The third component is the application of classroom learning (measurement, simple mathematics) to practical problems (e.g., if one rotation of a wheel takes a robot forward four inches, how many rotations need to be programmed for it to travel two feet in a straight line?).  We introduce the concept of solving complex problems by breaking them into smaller and simpler tasks, helping them develop logical problem-solving skills, while simultaneously keeping learning fun.
Status: FINAL.  This page last revised on September 20, 2010.